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Summer Sandals


Foot forward has managed to locate pretty sandals but most importantly comfortable and supportive to prevent problems for the ball of the foot, the heel, the knees and the lower back.






11th Hellenic-Cyprus Sports Science Conference

Demos Voskarides has participated as a speaker at the 11th Hellenic-Cyprus
Sports Science Conference which is organized from the Sports Science Company
of Cyprus and  the sports Science Company of Greece. This was held on the
28th and 29th March 2015.

22nd Orthopaedic Pancyprian Orthopaedic Conference

Diamanto Maliotou Papasavva was representing the Podiatric Association with a speech with the title “The use of foot pressure platform in designing of orthotic-orthopaedic insoles”. She had the chance to explain the technology of the pressure distribution technology and its application in clinical practice. This conference was dedicated to Foot and Ankle and it was done in association with the Hellenic Association of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology and the Greek College of Orthopedic Surgery.

SOCAP Meeting 2010

Diamanto Maliotou - Papasavva was invited to speak at the SOCAP meeting and had the chance to talk about her work with Diabetic people in Cyprus.  The title of the work was:

Technology for preventive diabetic foot care.  A personal view.

Amsterdam Conference May 2010:

The foot-forward professional team was present at the big World Congress of the International Federation of Podiatrists in Holland, Amsterdam May 2010. This conference takes place every three years in a different location around the world and gathers about one thousand podiatrists from all over the world. Foot-forward had a very strong presence at the conference in various directions.
The organization had elections and Mrs. Janet McInnes was elected as the new president of the International Federation of Podiatrists (FIP) after Dr. Robert Chelin who was the president for the last three years.

Dr. Robert Chelin

Mrs. Janet McInnes

Diamanto Maliotou-Papasavvas, being the president, represented the Cyprus Association of the Podiatrists. Also the Greek association was represented by the president Mr. Loucas Thiaspras.

Diamanto Maliotou-Papasavva was present there as a member of the Executive board of the FIP, being the treasurer. She presented the accounts of the organization during the Annual General meeting of the organization on the 12th of May.

All the professionals of foot-forward were there and presented their work. From left: Despina Theodorou, Lenia Papadopoullou – Maliotou, Diamanto Maliotou-Papasavva and our visiting student from Holland, Simon Eisses. Simon has spent four months with us in 2009 and she is returning back in November for a few more weeks. We had two pieces of work to present in two different themes. The first was a case study and the second was a study based on Diabetes and the evolution of the disease regarding the affect on the feet (see presentation pages).During this very big event in Amsterdam, personalities known around the world for their work and contribution in the foot world were there and gave very powerful presentations. These are Dr. David Armstrong and Prof. Karel Baker. 

Diamanto Maliotou presented the work of the foot forward team during the Diabetic Foot Panel

Title:  Cairo 2008

Diamanto Maliotou – Papasavva was invited to speak about the Diabetic foot care and new technologies in Cairo in March 2008 at the Panarab Diabetic Conference. . She had the chance to present some work as well as carry out workshops with smaller teams of medical staff regarding off-loading and special medical shoes and insoles for diabetic feet.

Title: 1st Diabetic Foot Conference in Athens, March 2008
Organizer:  Greek Working Group for the Diabetic Foot

Dr David Armstrong with Edren Maner Dr Bakker with Diamanto Maliotou Assisting novel,The Cyprus team, Andria Protopapa and Evren Maner

Diabetic Foot Seminar, Kalamata, in Greece, June 2007
Organizer:  Greek Working Group for the Diabetic Foot

Total contact cast presentation

Title: Mykonos, September 2007

Cyprus team assists novel with guest Evren Maner and Diamanto Maliotou

Title: 64th Orthopedic Conference in Athens, Greece, October 2008

Diamando showing an insole Diamanto with guest Diamanto with guests

Title: Eastbourne July 2008: 25 years old, Leaf Hospital
Diamanto was invited to present her story at the 25th birthday anniversary of Leaf Hospital. She graduated from there in 1994 for Bachelors of Science in Podiatry and in 2000 for Masters in Podiatry. Website of the school:http://www.brighton.ac.uk/sohp/prospective/podiatry/
Brighton beach Brighton pier


Title: Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrist in U.K. (SOCAP), annual Conference Brighton November 2006
Lenia, Diamanto and Despina attended the SOCAP annual conference in Brighton. Lenia had the chance to meet with students

Susan Crowfard and Lenia, students of London Foot  Hospital graduated in 1968 met up again Tim (ex London Foot Student)  and  Connie Roberts  Cornwall


Title: Dundee Emed Scientific meeting July 2008
Diamanto presented a study with the title: Comparison of parameter produced by emed and pedar measuring systems.

Gleneagles Golf paradise Podiatrists from Cyprus attending the ESM in Dundee

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