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Summer Sandals


Foot forward has managed to locate pretty sandals but most importantly comfortable and supportive to prevent problems for the ball of the foot, the heel, the knees and the lower back.






The Foot-Forward Team
Foot Forward

Foot forward is the leading podiatric clinic in Cyprus and was established in 1969. Since then, the clinic has been serving patients with dedication and full respect towards their needs, using the podiatrists’ skills and latest technology available, for quick and best service possible.

History of Foot-forward

After graduating from the London Foot Hospital, Lenia Papadopoullou-Maliotou returned to Cyprus and set up a podiatry practice in Nicosia in 1969. At that time people were unaware of the existence of this profession and this made the beginning of Lenia’s career very difficult. She had put much effort in informing the medical profession in length of the scope of podiatry. Gradually people valued the benefits they could have and the practice attained a momentum. By 1980 she had already moved to new premises built and decorated for the current needs of the practice. In 1994 Lenia was joined by her daughter Diamanto Maliotou, a podiatrist who graduated from University of Brighton and the practice started evolving in different directions. In 2004 Foot-forward moved in their current premises in Acropolis area; new building, new laboratories and bigger space. In 2007, Despina Theodorou, a podiatrist who graduated from University of Southampton, joined the team. In September 2010, Demos Voskarides, another podiatrist who graduated from the University of Wales Institute, also joined Foot-Forward, so currently foot-forward employs 4 podiatrists and three additional staff members for the laboratory and the reception. Students from all over the world, visit to spend some time with us, for their personal development within a clinical environment which uses latest technology. Foot forward is very dynamically present with scientific studies both in Cyprus and Internationally, in various fields especially in Diabetic Foot.

Foot-Forward podiatric services are expanding and trying to help and serve as many people as possible within always the podiatric scope of practice. They have developed a footwear centre and they can accommodate people with deformities, various diseases that affect the feet, most traumatic cases and generally difficulties finding appropriate footwear in the market.



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