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Summer Sandals


Foot forward has managed to locate pretty sandals but most importantly comfortable and supportive to prevent problems for the ball of the foot, the heel, the knees and the lower back.






Foot Forward is using the EMED Pedography and the PEDAR In-shoe System of NOVEL, Germany. These are very sensitive electronic measurement systems for recording and evaluating the pressure distribution under the foot. The actual measurement is based on calibrated capacitive sensors. These systems are able to record dynamic as well as static measurements. The dynamic measurements are the most important ones since they determine the degree of loading during the actual roll-over processes while walking, quantify crucial parameters, such as length and width changes of the foot, the Varus or Valgus position, and the function of the toes, joints and ligaments. The specialized knowledge and experience of the Podiatrist enable him to carry out a proper biomechanical assessment of gait, and by using the different measurements,  to design the optimum insoles for each foot separately.                                                  

With Courtesy of NOVEL

Orthotic Laboratory

Our Laboratory is equipped with the latest technology of CAD CAM. These are machines that they cut custom made insoles. The podiatrists of the foot forward centre are trained not only to assess the gait and prescribe what is needed for each patients but they also design the insoles themselves using specialized software. This technology is available to us since 2001. The data are taken from the clinical assessment, the pressure distribution measurements and when it is needed three dimensional measurements which are scanned and combined in the software with the rest of the data. We also the traditional methods of casting when we think it is necessary and we have available materials and machinery.

With Courtesy of Pedcad Pedcad

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